Huawei MediaPad M5: An iPad Killer

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Android tablets may not get a lot of attention from tech manufacturers like smartphones do but there are still some company that are not giving up on the market just yet.

One particular brand in mind is Huawei and despite the negative media coverage which the company has been getting, we can praise them for paying some attention to the dull Android tablet scene.

Their prime device is the MediaPad M5 and we have to say that the slate is probably the best Android-powered tablet around. In an market that is dominated by the Apple iPad, it is actually good to see Huawei rising up to compete against the best with the MediaPad M5.

The M5 runs on Kirin 660 with 4GB of RAM and while this may not be as fast an Apple iPad, the slate is still rated better for having more features to offer. In short, the MediaPad M5 is a scaled up smartphone with no features removed – something we can’t say for the Apple iPad.

Make no mistake about it, the iPad is a great tablet but we don’t understand why some of the most basic features that are available on every smartphone are not offered with the tablet.

With that being said, the MediaPad M5 is probably the most iPad-killer tablet available right now although we would still hope for other Android OEMs to offer better.