Huawei MediaPad M5: Android’s Best Against Apple iPad?

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The tablet scene has been all about the Apple iPads in recent years and it is very easy to understand why. Android OEMs are simply not showing enough interest to compete fiercely in the tablet scene thus granting the iPad a free pass in sales.

Like seriously, are there any good tablets in the Android market? The only names which we can think of are the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and the Huawei MediaPad M5. The latter, in particular, is rated to be the best tablet in the Android scene as it runs on better hardwares than the Tab S3.

But then again, the Kirin 960 chipset paired to 4GB of RAM is still not good enough to hand the Apple iPad a real spanking. The only part where the MediaPad M5 is better is with software features.

Can’t tech manufacturers simply take their flagship phone and rescale it to become the best in the tablet industry? If they are to do that, Android tablets will surely be able to rock Apple’s boat in the tablet scene.