Huawei MediaPad M5: Android’s Finest Against Apple iPad!

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Unlike how it is in the smartphone market, Android-powered tablets are significantly behind the Apple iPad in terms of performance and popularity. Furthermore, there is a big shortage of options for Android-powered tablets.

Tablet-goers are hoping for this to change in 2018 and these cries are heard by Huawei. The China-based tech giant has evolved into a major player in the smartphone scene and they are about to make a bigger push in the tablet market.

Their next major tablet is called the MediaPad M5 and the device will retail at around $330. Early details on the MediaPad M5 reveals on the use of Kirin 960 with at least 4GB of RAM. The M5 will also have a screen that operates at 1440p.

It may not sound like a flagship makeover for the tablet market but we can say that this is probably the best device of its kind for the Android realm. Once again, more needs to be done if the Android scene wants to be at the same level with the Apple iPads.