Huawei MediaPad M6: Apple Killer If Only….

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The Huawei MediaPad M5 was already a pretty impressive piece of tablet. The device was fitted with a powerful R6 chipset that was already rated to be better than the Apple iPad Mini at that time so we are expecting the successor to be even more impressive.

Of course, Apple has also given their Apple iPad a much-needed update but with what Huawei MediaPad M6 plans to offer, it is still going to be a formidable competitor. According to the reports, the new tablet will be coming in with a Snapdragon 845 processor with lots of ran. The device will work like a smartphone but of course with an added advantage of having a larger display size.

Of course, specs was never the issue for this device, the main issue here was not many people actually knows about the tablet. If Huawei can do something to change that, we might have a real Apple killer here.