Huawei Mediapad M6 Can Change Android Tablet Landscape!

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It’s just amazing how the huge world of Android is severely lacking in the tablet scene. The lack of good Android-powered tablets has given Apple complete dominance in the market with the iPads.

But all is not lost however as there are some Android-powered slates that have cemented the potential for a comeback. The first is with the newly released Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. The tablet mirrors the offering of Samsung’s flagship phone and this makes it the most powerful Android slate yet.

The second device is the Huawei Mediapad M5. For a tablet that was launched more than a year ago, it is able to hold its ground well by offering a thoroughly positive experience. The success of the Mediapad M5 will definitely lead to the creation of the M6.

We have high expectations for the sequel product and this is especially after seeing Huawei going crazy with their smartphone offerings. The latest Mate 20 Pro pulled all the stops to become a revolutionary smartphone.

If the same level of development is applied to the M6, we can expect the slate to have a revolutionary outcome as well. Rumours are already suggesting on significant improvements to productivity with the Mediapad M6 through the use of a digital pen. Then, there is the 7nm chip which will ensure a stutter-free gaming-focussed performance on the M6.

All of these will certainly turn the Mediapad M6 into the saviour in the Android tablet scene but until Huawei unveils the product, you should take the rumours with a grain of salt.