Huawei MediaPad M6 Will Give Apple A Run For Its Money

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Despite there being so many tablet options out in the market right now, the Apple iPad Mini is still being considered one of the best but Huawei is ready to take the crown away from Apple with their new MediaPad M6.

The new MediaPad M6 was the follow-up tablet to the MediaPad M5 tablet that was released last year. Although the device was rated to be more powerful than the Apple iPad Mini, it was still relatively new and most people were more comfortable with getting the familiar iPad Mini.

However, things could be changing this year with the MediaPad M6. According to Huawei, the tablet will mimic the hardware setup of the previous tablet but the new tablet will come with the Snapdragon 845 with a lot of RAM to offer.

No matter how good it is, Huawei will have to go all out when it comes to marketing if they really want to compete with Apple.