Huawei MediaPad M6 Will Show Apple iPad Who’s The Boss?

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While we have seen a fair amount of decent Android tablet before, there isn’t really one that we would say is good enough to take on Apple and their iPads but maybe that is not because Android does not have a good contender but that Huawei did not let the world know about it.

The Huawei MediaPad M5 was a pretty decent tablet. When it was release, the device was powered by an R6 chipset which is said to be as good or even better than the Apple iPad Mini chipset. Despite being that powerful, the device did not really sell that well and most people think it is because not many people are aware of the tablet at all.

With the MediaPad M6, it will come fitted with the Snapdragon 845. It was pointed out that the main goal for Huawei is to make a tablet that is as good as a smartphone but also has the perks of being a tablet.

The next thing that Huawei needs to get right is the marketing part as all of the specs will not matter if nobody really knows about it.