Huawei New Smartphone Will Stay Ahead Of Trend

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From the looks of it, this year will be the year where we get to see a lot more foldable smartphones as well as 5G enable smartphone and while most smartphone manufacturer are choosing to offer one or the other on their devices, Huawei decided to offer both on their upcomong smartphone.

According to Richard Yu, the boss of the consumer division, Huawei will be attending the Mobile World Congress this month and they will be showing off the world’s first 5G smratphone with foldable screen.

Huawei has already made it pretty clear that they are working on a foldable smartphone last year but we did not know that we would get to see it so soon.

Huawei will not be the only one with a foldable smartphone to show at MWC this year as it was speculated that Samsung might also be showing off their Galaxy X foldable smartphone at the event as well.

This year’s Mobile World Congress will be happening from the 25th of February until the 28th of February.