Huawei Volume Dominance Can’t Outvalue Apple iPhone X!

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Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Huawei has surpassed Apple in terms of sales volume. This is considered as a phenomenon as not many expected Apple to lose its market dominance to China-based company.

But for Apple, they are not concerned about volume at all and this is especially when they know that they still have a dime in their hands – the iPhone X. Since the iPhone X made its debut last year, the phone has become the most profitable device in Apple’s history.

Today, new reports have revealed that the iPhone X is more profitable than each device sold by Huawei despite losing on the sales numbers. With such an achievement, Apple can move past chasing volume in favour for a real gold rush.

But even with such an accomplishment, Apple should know better than to be complacent as there are more potential China-based rivals on the rise.