Huawei’s Backup Plan Arrives In A Month

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With the US banning Huawei, other companies like Google had to stop supplying their services to Huawei as well and that means that the Huawei smartphones will no longer get Android updates or the next Android OS but it looks like Huawei already have a plan ready for when that happens.

According to TechRadar, Huawei has their own OS that they will be launching next month. Called HongMeng, it is said that the OS was ready last year and it has always been their backup plan as Huawei did predict that something like this could happen.

It was added that Huawei will be offering their new OS next month which is a few months before the end of the temporary reprieve but it looks like Huawei do not want to wait any longer.

Besides running on smartphones, the new Huawei OS will also be able to run on wearable, smart watches, tablet and TVs as well. Now that Huawei no longer has the support of Google and their Android, it will be interesting to see if Huawei can rise to the challenge or fall of the cliff like Microsoft and Blackberry.