Instagram Tried To Get Fancy, Backfired.

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Those that open up the Instagram app earlier today would have notice that something bvery different about the app. Instead of scrolling down to see all the images, users had to swipe the images to see the pictures. While we do acknowledge that Instagram was just rying to spice things up a little, it clearly did not work out for them this time as the fans were not too happy with the changes.

According to Instgram, the new swiping feature is a new way to look through post. User made it pretty clear on Twitter that they are not happy with the changes and soon after that, Instragram updated the app once more to remove the swiping feautre and brought back the scrolling feature that we are more familiar with and adding that it was jsut a test phrase and was accidentally release to the masses.

Whether they did it intentionally or not, it is clear that the users do not want it and we think after this “test” Instagram will be ready to put it on the shelf and not talk about it ever again.