Instagram Wants To Stop Online Bullying With New Feature

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Instagram showed off one of the new features that their app will now have that they hope would help combat online bullying on the platform.

There will be a few new tools with one of them being the Restrict feature which will allow users to ban “unwanted interactions”. Once the person is restricted, his or her comment will only appear to them and the user can then choose to approve it so that it is visible to all or not.

Poeple on the restricted list won’t be able to see if you are active or not or if you have read their direct message. This was added because although there is already a block feature on the app, the users are reluctant to use it as they do not want to escalate the situation even further.

Instagram is also working on a new feature that will use AI to detect harmful comments and warn the user that the comment could be offensive to others.

While this won’t stop bullying, at least Instagram is doing something to help the situation.