iPhone 6s Battery Life – Worst Of The Lot [Video]

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Battery life is one of the most influencing decision when it comes to purchasing a new smartphone and this is why tech manufacturers have never stopped funding for better batteries. But then again, this statement comes with the exception of Apple as they handpick their batteries for the iPhones.

With Apple having one of the biggest resources around, we feel that the tech giant is fully capable of offering the best battery life in the industry but they chose not to. It is further proven in a battery test video when we witnessed a slightly older iPhone doing better than the latest iPhone 7.

As how you can see above, the iPhone SE offers the best battery life on an iPhone. The difference between it and the iPhone 7 is pretty contrasting as well. The biggest shocker of them all is with the iPhone 6S, which has the worst battery life of them all.

Not only is the iPhone 6S equipped with poorer batteries than its iPhone siblings, it also can’t measure up to the worst of the Android flagships. All we can hope is for Apple to catch the video above and open up to offering greater battery life on future flagship models.