iPhone 7 Gets A Black Eye From Galaxy S7

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The failed Galaxy Note 7 launch came at a time when Samsung is busy calculating their annual profits and this has given the South Korean tech giant a big headache. Aside from having to axe the Note 7, Samsung needs to cover back the losses caused by the phablet.

About a fortnight ago, Samsung gave the old Note 3 a second launch in hope of making slight gains with the once great device. It got us questioning Samsung on not launching an emergency product because we feel that would be better for both the company and consumers.

Perhaps, time is the issue when it comes to developing a good phone but Samsung is aware that something new can fill in the void left by the Note 7. For Samsung, they have decided to change the look of the Galaxy S7 and offer it as a special edition version.

The new-looking S7 is confirmed to arrive in December next month and it will see the casing being painted in glossy black. The device will also be offered with a large camera lens as an accessory for the phone.

We are not sure on what Samsung is going to call this special Galaxy S7 but we are already interested in getting the device. Camera lens accessory is something which the Apple iPhones are famous for and this particular package from Samsung can allow the S7 to offer a bigger challenge to its rival.