iPhone Dark Mode Leaked In iOS 13 & More

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There were already a few rumors about what Apple will be offering on their upcoming iOS 13 software and it looks like we are now learning even more about the new OS as more details are leaked.

According to 9to5Mac, the iOS 13 will be the one to look out for as Apple wants to make up for the disappointing iOS 12. Besides fixing some of the iOS 12 issues, the new iOS 13 will also get some new features like the Dark Mode which will work like the Dark Mode on the macOS.

It was also leaked that there will be an Undo and Redo feature along with multiple windows in app feature. Other features that will be updated include the font management system, Mail app, Safari app which will now work like the desktop version and more.

It definitely looks like Apple will have more to offer this time around. The new iOS 13 should be announced at the WWDC event on the 3rd of June.