iPhone X Jumps To Z Not XI [PICS]

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With smartphone manufacturer like Samsung and LG coming out with folding smartphones of their own, it probably will not be long before we actually see one from Apple but before that happens, Caviar is giving us a taste of what the device could look like.

Called the iPhone Z concept, the device comes with a folding design but instead of two sections, the concept had three sections so that it can be folded small enough to fit nicely in your pocket.

With three sizes, the user can choose to use the device as a phone, tablet or a laptop which is pretty convenient. Since having more camera is a most now, the device was also fitted with 2 camera in the front and 3 camera in the back.

The designer also made sure that the device had a USB C connector. Of course, with everything the device has to offer and seeing how much the current foldable devices are, this probably will come with a huge price tag!

You can check out the images here.