Lenovo Smart Tab: More Than Just A Display

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Lenovo was at CES where they showed off their new smart display call the Smart Tabs. Obviously the “Tabs” in the name would suggest the other use for the tablet. According to Lenovo, besides working as a display, the device can also work as a tablet when you remove it from the base station.

The Smart Tabs runs on Android with Alexa built-in. When it is fitted onto the base station, the device will work like any other smart display that will let you look through photos, play music, with Alexa as your assistant but once you remove it from the base station, it will work like a standard Android Tablet.

The base station also has more uses to it. It has a charging station and a speaker. There will be two versions of the Smart Tab, the M10 and P10 with the biggest difference being the RAM, memory and also the battery size.

The M10 Smart Tabs will retail for $199 while the P10 model will be sold for $299.