Lenovo Window PC Folding Device Is What We Really Need?

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We have already seen a few smartphone manufacture attempts to offer a foldable smartphone. Samsung hit a road bump when their screen started failing but it looks like there will be more folding devices coming our way that are not a smartphone.

Lenovo showed off their Lenovo ThinkPad X1 foldable PC. The name is still in the works so we might see it come in with a much better name in the future. The device was teased at the Accelerate conference this week.

The device will be a Windows-based device that will be running on an Intel graphic card and will be sporting a 13.3inch 2K OLED display with Touch and Inking support. It will also be equipped with two USB Type C port, Wacom AES, stereo speakers, front-facing IR camera, Bluetooth and more.

Unlike the Galaxy Fold by Samsung, the demo model does not seem to have a dimple where the crease is which instantly makes it feel more refined than the smartphone.

Lenovo added that the device will only be arriving a year later so we should expect to see more changes being made.