LG Android Update Late As Usual

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LG was never known for being the fastest when it comes to updating their device. Fans were hoping that with the new Software Upgrade division that things will change for the better but it does not feel like that at all.

LG device users have been waiting for LG to release the Android 9 Pie update but according to the roadmap, it looks like some smartphone might have to wait for a few more months before they get the update from LG.

The roadmap showed that the LG G7 is set to receive the update first with a beta release already available in some regions. The update is expected to arrive in the first quarter of this time. As for the LG G6 and LG V40, it states that LG will continue to give it some performance update but did not mention anything about the Android Pie.

While there might be many reasons for the consumers to consider the LG smartphones and they do have some powerful specs, they reputation for last updates might cost them in the future.