LG G8: More Details Leaked

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Two of the flagships that we can look forward to earlier next year is the Samsung Galaxy S10 as well as the LG G8 smartphone and while we have been hearing a lot about the S10, details about the LG G8 is a little more scarce.

ET News reported that LG G8 will be coming in with a teardrop notch in the front similar to what the OnePlus 6T was offering which is not really that intruding.

New reports also claim that the device will be coming in with a 3D camera system which at this point feels more gimmicky but we will have to wait for the device to arrive before we can decide on that.

While initial rumors usggest that the LG G8 would be coming with 5G connectivity, it is said that this will not. Instead, LG will be working on another device that will come with 5G support but we know even less about that device.