LG V50 ThinQ Will Mark A First For LG

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It was reported that LG will be going to MWC this year to announce not one but two of their upcoming smartphones. One of the smartphone should be the flagship LG G8 model but what we are more interested in is the V50 ThinQ model which is said to come with 5G connectivity.

According to ETNews, the LG G8 will only be coming in with 4G connectivity which means the LG V50 ThinQ will be the first LG smartphone to offer 5G if this rumors is true.

LG is not the only smartphone manufacturer that is rushing to get a 5G enabled smartphone out as it was reported that one of the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone might also offer 5G when it arrives.

There were also talks about the LG G8 possibly being the last G Series smartphone that we will be seeing from LG as the company might be working on a new series.