Meizu Zero Will Make Dropping The Headphone Jack Look Like Child’s Play

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Apple shock us all when they announce that their iPhone was to be released without a headphone jack but the Chinese smartphone brand will do something even more shocking with their next Meizu Zero model.

There is a reason why the device is called Zero. According to Meizu, the device will come without any “holes”. That means that the device will not have a SIM card slot, speaker grille, physical button or even a charging port which is pretty surprising since we have no seen any device without that.

The end result is a device that is looking pretty sleek and pretty interesting. Of course, without those, Meizu had to offer some alternative. The device will come with their Super mCharge Wireless technoly that will help the device charge up. There is also the Wireless USB feature for users to transfer data in and out of the device.

Since there is no speaker grille, the device will use mSound 2.0 to blast the audio from the AMOLED display. There is also a Vitual Side Button that will replace the physical button.

Sadly, this device will only be offered in China.