Microsoft Gives Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic 3 Hope

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For the Star Wars Knight Of The Old Republic or KOTOR fans, the missing 3rd game is like a would that will never heal. The popularity of both Kotor and Kotor 2, the fans were looking forward to getting their hands on the third installment but sadly, that did not happen as the game was canceled and never turn gold.

As you can imagine, the fans were pretty upset by the news but with recent news about Microsoft taking over Obsidian Entertainment, some fans are holding out hope that the game will once again resume development and get release soon after.

One of the reasons why this could happen is because many people believe Microsoft is struggling to keep up with Sony when it comes to console exclusive and offering a popular game as Kotor 3 would definitely give them the attention they need.

Hopefully, Microsoft will have some good news for us in the near future but don’t get your hopes up too high.