Microsoft Office 2019: Subscription Is Not For Everyone!

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Microsoft’s subscription model for Office has turned into a huge success and it has built a solid revenue for the tech giant. But as much as corporations and schools love them, there are still a large group of individuals that prefer ownership of Office instead of paying a subscription fee.

If you’re among them, we have got some great news. The newly launched Microsoft Office 2019 is still purchasable without any subscriptions needed.

Heading to Microsoft’s Store will show that the Office is obtainable in two forms. You can either pay about $100 per year to enjoy the software through subscription or you can pay a one-time fee of $149 for the full copy of the program.

But of course, there is a catch with the latter and it is that the software will only work with a single device. Meanwhile, subscriptions will grant you 1TB of cloud storage and the ability to install the software on an unlimited number of devices although you need to stay signed in to use the software.