Microsoft Stops Surface Book From Killing Surface Pro 5

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There have been reports that Microsoft has already started production of its Surface Book 2 laptops, with the intent to release the device in April which is only weeks away at this point. But that’s not the real kicker here.

According to Mobile & Apps, the Surface Book 2 would be a major departure from its predecessor in that it would ditch its 2-in-1 hybrid design in favor of a traditional laptop build.

What that means is that it would be a more conventional rival to the Apple MacBook lineup. Besides that, it would apparently be dropping its starting price from $1,500 to $1,000, which would position it as a far more affordable alternative to the MacBook Pro.

These two changes make sense. By moving away from a hybrid build, the Surface Book would not be encroaching on the Surface Pro 5 territory and would allow the latter to have the 2-in-1 segment all to itself. Its cheaper starting price on the other hand would allow it to fill the void left by the discontinued MacBook Air.

Would you consider the Surface Book 2 now that it’s likely going to be a conventional laptop rather than a hybrid?