Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Has Answers To MacBook Pro Touch Bar

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When Apple releases a new feature, we can be sure that there will be responses from its rivals. This would be true for Microsoft when it releases the Surface Pro 5 in retaliation to both the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro.

The latter’s touch bar feature may not be perfect but has helped generate plenty of hype for the device. Microsoft needs to have an answer to that otherwise it would lose traction in its pursuit of Apple in the market.

And that’s why it’s reasonable to expect the Surface Pro 5 to boast Hololens and Surface Dial support. It was initially speculated that Hololens wouldn’t make it into the upcoming Surface Pro, but given that the device would most likely arrive with the Windows 10 Creator’s update, the AR feature is back on the cards again.

The Surface Dial on the other hand is supported via Bluetooth that acts somewhat like a mouse, only that it packs different functionalities. And much like the touch bar of the MacBook Pro, Surface Dial can be customized based on the user’s needs.