Microsoft Xbox Scarlett: What We Know Now?

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Microsoft has made it pretty clear that they ware working on a new console that they will be releasing at the end of next year just in time for the holiday.

So far, it has been revealed the console is now codenamed Scarlett but we are not sure if that is going to be the name when they finally release it. It was also added that Microsoft is working on two versions. One will match the PS5 in price while the other will be a more affordable option.

Phil Spencer also added that the Xbox Scarlett will focus on high frame rates and fast loading times. So far, no specific release date has been announced yet but we know the release window. It was also speculated that the console could replace the hard drives with solid-state storage option.

It was reported that the premium version called Anaconda will be sold for $500 while the Lockhart will come with a $250 price tag. So far, this is all we have but let’s hope Microsoft will drop some additional information soon.