Moto G4 Plus Losing Sight Of Android Oreo

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Android Oreo is on the verge of getting replaced by Google’s Android P and this is starting to look worrying for the Motorola Moto G4 Plus users.

It’s a feeling that cannot be avoided when the large userbase knows the Moto G4 Plus in entitled for the firmware upgrade. One may argue that the Moto G4 Plus is already more than 2 years of age hence Motorola has no obligations to support the device any further.

We share a similar thought as well until we realized that the G4 Plus was an active phone when Google launched Android Oreo. Motorola can attempt to fool the masses through playing the age card but it will only make them lose their loyal customers.

The only good news here is that not everyone is too bothered by firmware upgrades hence the G4 Plus being stuck on Android Nougat won’t seem like a big deal. If it does create an issue, we’re pretty sure Motorola will do whatever it takes to save some face, even if it means releasing Android P.