Moto G4 Plus: Oreo Dreams Shot Dead!

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The Motorola Moto G4 Plus was still an actively-supported device back when Google launched Android Oreo and this is why it is strange to see the phone still not getting a firmware upgrade.

The majority of Moto G4 users are upset with Motorola for delaying the Oreo update to a point where the phone has gone beyond 2 years of age. For some of the G4 users, they are still hopeful that Oreo will arrive in the near future and we are here to kill those hopes.

The obvious says that the Moto G4 won’t get Oreo at all and the best path to obtain the firmware is through third-party sources. Think about it. In a month from now, Android P will make its debut thus making Oreo obsolete.

By then, Motorola can simply come out and use Moto G4’s age as an excuse to not release the update. We have seen this act being played before and we don’t see why it can’t happen again.