Moto G4 Plus Would Put People Off The New Moto G6

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While Motorola has managed to come out with a few interesting smartphones over the years, their reputation might be the one holding them back at this point.

Motorola released their new Moto G6 this year and based on what we have been hearing so far, the new G6 will be a great smartphone to own. If that is the case, why are the consumers so wary about getting it?

Well, Motorola is known for offering bad software support. Their updates usually come slower than most which leave users feeling like they are outdated most of the time. One great example will be the G4 Plus model which was not given the Android Oreo update despite being their 2016 bestseller.

The consumers are afraid that the same thing will happen with the Moto G6 as well. Of course, if the software update is not really your main concern, the Moto G6 is still a great smartphone to own.