Next Apple iPhone Will Address Notch Complains

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While we do understand the need of the notch in the front of the new Apple iPhone, it does not mean that we think it looks great. Well, it looks like Apple heard us after all as their new patent reveals that they might be looking to fit the notch somewhere else.

In the new patent filing, it was revealed that the new display will have all the components fitted into the corner. It looks like it will be sitting alone while the OLED panel wraps around its design.

Of course, there is no guarantee that Apple will make this happen and we probably won’t see this design in the 2019 Apple iPhone but it does show us that Apple is listening and is trying to make the changes that would make their fans happier.

Apple is not the only one working on a solution for the notch as it was revealed that Samsung is working on the Infinity-O Display as well.