Next Apple iPhones Identified As XS, XS Max & Xr!

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Apple has been naming their iPhones with a number representing their generation and this may change for the upcoming 2018 models.

Just last year, Apple celebrated the iPhone’s ten-year anniversary with the launching of the iPhone X. As such, many have speculated the next-gen phones to feature the name X1.

But hours ago, a leak from Apple’s official website cited something which nobody expected and it is believed to be the name of the next-gen iPhones. The leak quoted three devices coming soon from Apple with the names being XS, XS Max and Xr.

If these are to be the names of the upcoming iPhones, the XS can be assumed as the standard model whereby the Max is the replacement for the iPhone Plus. Meanwhile, the Xr could be that gaming iPhone which the rumours have been talking about in recent months.

But like all leaks and unofficial reports, you should take the above with a grain of salt. All will be confirmed when Apple announces on the next-gen iPhones at their private event tomorrow.