Nintendo Switch GameCube-Style Controllers Price Slashed!

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The release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch console was a huge success but some fans have reported that they still feel more comfortable playing the game using the GameCube controller.

While the cute GameCube controllers for Switch was already released last year, the controllers where being sold for $25 at that time. Well, the controllers prices have been reduced down to $20 right now or cheaper if you head to Amazon so if you are looking to get one, now is the time.

One unique feature of the controllers is that the traditional C-Stick that comes with the controller can be swapped out for ta full size stick if you want to and all controllers will also come with a 10 foot cable that connects the controller to the Switch USB port.

This has been the option for many instead of the one offered by Nintendo as that one is harder to get and is also much more expensive.