Nintendo Switch New Patch Not Worth Your Attention?

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Nintendo has released another update for their Nintendo Switch console. The new version 8.1.0 update will be arriving with some updates but there is nothing too exciting there.

According to the patch notes, the latest update will improve the system stability to enhance user’s experience but that is basically it. The update probably won’t take that long.

If you want to check to see if you already have the latest update, go to System Settings to make sure you have the version 8.1.0. If not, you can always manually trigger it from the System Settings menu.

While there is nothing exciting about the update, there are rumors suggesting that Nintendo might already be working on a new Switch console. Seeing the Nintendo Switch is still pretty new but maybe with the success of the Switch, Nintendo wants to offer their fans something a little more?

It was reported that Nintendo might have move the production of their new Siwthc console out of China in anticipation of the tariff war.