Nintendo Switch To Get Devil May Cry Game

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Nintendo Switch players will have one more amazing game to add to their to-play list now that Capcom has announced that they will be releasing the game on the Nintendo Switch. Here is what we know right now.

This is big news for the fans and the game as the Devil May Cry franchise was never released on any Nintendo platform. With how popular the Nintendo Switch is right now, its no wonder Capcom would want to have that game on the Switch.

What we want to know now is if the game will be a straight port from the PS2 version or will this be an updated version based on the HD Collection. Capcom also added that the game will be arriving this summer but they did not give us an exact date on when the game will be arriving.

Some fans are also speculating that with the game now heading to Switch could we see Dante in Smash in the future?