Nintendo Switch To Get New Joy-Con Colors But That Is Not All

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Now that Nintendo has announced that they will be releasing a Lite version of their Nintendo Switch console, fans have been wondering if the Nintendo Switch console will be getting any update. Well, ask no more because Nintendo already has the answers for us.

According to Nintendo, the Nintendo Switch console will be getting an update that would increase its battery life but on top of that, the console will also be getting some new Joy-Con controllers, a Blue with Neon Yellow version and a Purple with Neon Orange version.

The new Joy-Con package will cost $80 at launch and it will be released on the 4th of October. Besides those updates, the new version of the Switch will remain almost identical to the current model.

The bigger change will be reserve for the Switch Lite which will come with a smaller price tag and will also be missing some of the important Switch features like getting to switch between handheld and console and more.