Nintendo Switch Vs Switch Lite: What’s The Difference

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This is a huge week for Nintendo as they announce the new Nintendo Switch Lite. So what is the difference between the Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite?

Unlike the Nintendo Switch, the new Nintendo Switch Lite will be a handheld only model which technically makes the Switch name odd since players won’t be able to switch between handheld and docking. Besides that, the Joy-Con will also be stuck to the console now.

The Switch Lite will also be sporting a smaller 5.5-inch display screen with 720p resolution. It will have a battery life of 3 hours to 7 hours and it will not have the HD Rumble.

The good news is that it will still have Amiibo support which we are sure the fans will be very happy to learn about. With all these missing features, the Nintendo Switch Lite will be slightly cheaper with a $200 price tag.

Nintendo also added that Nintendo Switch users will be able to transfer their files to the Nintendo Switch Lite.