Nintendo Switch’s Witcher 3 Not Too Shabby

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Besides revealing some additional details about their upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 game, CDPR also announces that their popular Witcher 3 game will be released on the Nintendo Switch console this year.

They had made it clear that to run the game on the Switch, they had to make a few compromises with the quality of the graphics and they have now released some new screenshots of the game running on the Switch.

Of course, it does not look as impressive as how the game would look on PC or some of the other console but it is still pretty nice and we are sure the fans would not mind a little compromise if it means they get to play the game on-the-go.

In handheld mode, the game will run at 540p. When docked, the game will run at 720p with dynamic resolution. No date was announced but it will be arriving on Switch this year.