Nokia 2.1: The Game-Changer For 2018?

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So, HMD Global has unveiled the Nokia 2.1 and we have to say that the phone promises to become a massive game changer in the market.

This cannot be helped as the jump from the previous Nokia 2 to the new Nokia 2.1 is huge. Unlike how it was with the previous model, the Nokia 2.1 is equipped with the Snapdragon 425 and this makes it likely for the device to offer decent performance and extreme battery life like how HMD promised it to be.

The best part about the Nokia 2.1 is its price that will be at only $115. This puts the Nokia 2.1 in the budget, entry-level smartphone category despite the phone having way more to offer than what the price tag indicates it to be.

Think about it. For a budget device, the Nokia 2.1 will come with mild splash-proofing, solid build quality, light-premium design and, best of all, front-facing speakers. It just can’t get better than that and we don’t see why the Nokia 2.1 can’t be a game changer in the market.