Nokia 2 Is Better Supported Than Samsung Flagships!

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In a matter of weeks from now, HMD Global will roll out the highly anticipated Android Pie update to selected devices in their line-up. The same cannot be said for Samsung as the South Korean tech firm will perform the firmware upgrade next year.

This is pretty strange because Samsung is the leading name in the smartphone scene and their flagship devices are technically unrivalled in both sales and performance. Meanwhile, the Nokia phones that have been released since Nokia’s revival are mostly tailored for the midrange market.

It gets more shocking when we received an update prompt on our old Nokia 2 last week that upgrades the firmware to Android 8.1 Oreo. This is an old, $80 basic smartphone that has got an unrated performance and nothing special to offer.

To see an old sluggish device like the Nokia 2 getting Android Oreo got us thinking how older and more powerful flagships like the Galaxy S7 never managed to get a similar update. It’s even worse when we learned that Samsung is very slow in handing out new updates to their devices.

This is a weak spot on Samsung and they really need to work on it if they want to achieve complete dominance in the smartphone realm.