Nokia 5.1 Plus: Is HMD Going Into A Reversal?

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HMD Global has made leaps in the smartphone scene ever since they revived the Nokia brand but their recent decisions on the Nokia 5.1 do look like the beginning of an end for the company.

The details on the global version of the Nokia X5 has been released online and checking them out will leave you with an eyesore. Starting with the chipset, the Mediatek P60 setup looks great but HMD has decided to clock it down to 1.8GHz. This has basically denied the Nokia 5.1 from being as powerful as any other Snapdragon 660-powered smartphones.

The other red flag is with the large display that is restricted to 720p. In a world where full HDs have turned into a norm for the low-end market, 720P is hitting a new low for the Nokia 5.1

Last but not least is with the controversial notch trend. For most tech enthusiasts, they don’t see the point of having a notch on the phone and the styling that comes with the feature can leave them cringing.

With all of these in mind, it makes Nokia looking like it is heading into a reversal through choosing a generic offering over building a unique identity.