Nokia 9 May Devour Into Samsung Galaxy Sales!

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Samsung’s Edge display is easily recognizable as the moniker represents a device that has no bezels. Its application on the latest Galaxy S8 and Note 8 boosted the attractiveness of both devices and this help boosted sales entirely.

Well, it looks like Nokia is planning to take the same bezel-less route with their upcoming device, the Nokia 9. A leak photo of the 9 surfaced online earlier today and it saw the phone having no bezels – akin to that of Samsung’s Edge.

The Nokia 9 is also expected to run on Android Oreo out of the box, together with the best hardwares available. As such, we are assuming that the only major difference between the 9 and the Galaxy Note 8 is the interface.

Nokia’s Android-powered phones offer a near-stock Android experience and this may tilt the competition into the 9’s favor. But of course, until Nokia unveils the 9, it is best to take the above with a grain of salt.

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