Nokia 9: Pureview Will Be Part Of The Name!

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When HMD Global revived Nokia by way of Android, they also acquired several brands that are associated with the once-great smartphone company.

One particular brand is Pureview and those that have used the old 808 Pureview can easily recall the world-beating photography ability with the device.

We brought this up because HMD has made it official that their high-end flagship phone won’t just be called the Nokia 9. The company is going to officially name it the Nokia 9 Pureview thus hinting on a mobile photography experience like no other.

The details are being reserved for HMD’s keynote tomorrow and we are curious to see if the company can truly wow the world with the Nokia 9 Pureview. If they do, the upcoming phone may just be enough to send Nokia back into the limelight in the tech scene.