Nokia Camera ‘Animojis’ Is A Real Storage Shocker!

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It is official. The 3D Personas on Nokia’s camera software have been made available for every smartphone that runs on Android Oreo or newer.

This is a feature that is made to rival Apple’s Animojis and Samsung’s AR Emojies where it takes pictures using the main camera software before adding in an augmented reality 3D animation to it.

It’s a trendy tool to have but one that can really eat up your phone’s storage space. We have made an attempt to install 3D Personas on our Nokia 7 Plus and it consumers about 150MB of our internal storage space.

This is a huge chunk of space for a camera gimmick and the quality is not even worth writing home about. But if you’re really into it, you can install 3D Personas through a GDRIVE link here.