OnePlus 6 Guilty Of Cheap Quality?

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The OnePlus 6 is an amazing flagship Android-powered smartphone that is priced lower than other devices of similar offerings and this has made it a go-to device for a large crowd.

There’s no need to question the performance and cameras on the OnePlus 6 as countless reviews have proven that they are all superb. But when it comes to build quality, however, things may differ from one OnePlus 6 to another.

An early adopter of the OnePlus 6 has shared online that he has gotten a sour unit after witnessing the glass back panel of his device shattering without any impact. There’s always a scientific explanation for the happening but the average consumer would prefer to see it as poor quality.

Glass back smartphones have been around for ‘ages’ and they often shatter when dropped. Even so, it’s not a quick break of the material as some high-quality models take more than just a fall to become disfigured.

The fact that the OnePlus 6 suffered a shatter without any form of impact means that there may have been gaps on the body panel that creates unnecessary thermal pressure which leads to the glass shattering. If so, it could’ve been avoided if the OnePlus 6 is to experience a better-quality check.