OnePlus 6T Has Successfully Pulled Off A Google Pixel!

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Remember back when Apple first removed the traditional headphone jack feature on the iPhones? Google was quick to mock that decision but they ended up doing the same thing with the Pixel phones.

Fast forward to the release of the 6, OnePlus made a similar comment on the importance of a headphone jack. Now, OnePlus has reversed on their stance when they confirmed that the upcoming OnePlus 6T will not feature an AUX port at all.

The tech giant explained that 59% of their users are relying on wireless headphones and this has influenced them greatly into making the drastic decision. Also, without an AUX port, OnePlus claimed that they can offer a better design to house more hardware inside the 6T.

In our eyes, these are nothing more than excuses to follow the Apple trend with hope of selling off more accessories. OnePlus has made a mockery out of themselves like Google.