OnePlus 6T Says “Aw, Nuts” After Accidental Leak!

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What you’re looking at above is probably the first “official” picture of the upcoming OnePlus 6T and it was released to the world in an unofficial manner earlier today.

The picture basically got uploaded on OnePlus’s website and it remained there for several hours before getting removed. It was moments after that when OnePlus revealed on Twitter that the photo was not intended for a release yet and the happening was purely accidental.

Well, we don’t buy their story at all and we believe that OnePlus purposely released the image to create a hype amidst the attention being on the announcement of the next-gen Apple iPhones.

Based on the picture, we can see that the 6T will have an extremely narrow notch to house the front-facing camera. The rear of the phone, on the other hand, will have a triple-lens setup. Last but not least, OnePlus has confirmed that the 6T will feature an on-screen fingerprint sensor.

OnePlus is expected to launch the 6T in the final week of September and sales of the phone will go live in early October. Are you excited?