OnePlus 6T: Snapdragon 855 A Certainty?

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If you’re planning to purchase the all-new OnePlus 6, you may want to put a hold on your decision because OnePlus is fully expected to launch their second flagship before the year ends.

Much like how it was with the 3/3T and the 5/5T, the OnePlus 6’s newer sibling will be called the 6T and it won’t be a mild refresh from the original flagship phone.

This is due to the fact that Qualcomm has been mass producing the all-new Snapdragon 855 since early June and the new top-tier chipset is still pending to make its debut on smartphones.

The timing is fitting for OnePlus as they are probably finalizing the specs for the 6T. Keeping in mind that a new generation chip will tend to bring in significant improvements to performance, the 6T will make the wait worthwhile.