OnePlus 7: No Notch, No Hole?

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A lot of people were against the whole notch on the display design that we saw so much of last year. Some smartphone manufacturer chooses to solve that issue by offering a pinhole design like Samsung but it looks like OnePlus 7 is going to do away with both.

A new leaked image has been making its round online and it is believed that the device in the item is the upcoming OnePlus 7. The image showed us the display of the device which clearly does not have a notch or a hole anymore. The bezeless display looks pretty impressive.

The question now is whether this is the real deal or not. Where will the front camera be now? Maybe OnePlus has chosen to go for the slider design where the front-facing camera is hidden behind the display but other think that maybe the camera is in the bottom since the image only showed the top part of the device.

The OnePlus 7 will only be announced a few months later so the wait is far from over.