Pixel 3 XL Waves Goodbye To Tint On Display!

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Since the days of the Nexus, Google has never failed to offer a fight in the smartphone scene but not all of their products are perfect. Take the old Nexus 5X and the most recent Pixel 2 as examples. Th two devices debuted with a tint issue on the display and this has become a routine problem from Google.

Prior to the arrival of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, many feared that the same tint issue will plague the two phones hence explaining why early adopters started off by observing the display closely.

Today, we can confirm that there is no tinting on the displays of the third-generation Pixel devices and this is probably owed to the screen being supplied by a different company instead of LG. Digging deeper into the creation of the Pixel 3 will tell you that the phone is utilizing OLED panels that are supplied by Samsung.

This basically means that the rumours were right when they said that Google has snubbed LG’s screen services after the tint issue plagued the Pixel 2.